About Us

The concept of working with troubled youth in a boxing format was initiated by Richard Lopez, coach and founder. In 1991, Mr. Lopez began working with neighborhood youth on one punching bag out of his garage. The program expanded dramatically by 1996 and led to incorporation as a 501c3 nonprofit corporation in 1997. The club then moved to a small building on South Dutton Avenue in Santa Rosa and continued to grow and attract media recognition for its effectiveness in turning around the lives of youth.
In November 2006, DPBC moved into their current location at 93 Stony Circle, Santa Rosa and began a trial shared partnership with The Salvation Army for the purpose of delivering a character-building program of boxing instruction, activities and education enrichment. This led into the eventual adoption of Double Punches as a program of The Salvation Army in July 2010.

Our mission is to provide an outlet for young people who tend to avoid team sports and have shown little self-confidence and academic success. These are youth who, because of little parental supervision, limited positive role models, failure in school and lack of a positive self-image, are drawn to gang affiliation. The Double Punches Boxing Club program stresses fundamentals, discipline and skills rather than brute force and toughness. The sport of boxing along with personal tutoring, counseling and mentoring help youth keep good grades and improve social skills to keep them off the streets, out of gangs and away from drugs as they excel both physically and academically. It is a safe place where youth can develop a sense of self-worth, experience greater success in school and develop physical fitness skills.

So, how can you help? By making a donation. Your tax-deductible contribution will help give families in need the opportunity to participate in our program in addition to providing boxing equipment and academic supplies. Your contribution can make a difference.

Our Program
Double Punches Boxing Club combines physical and academic activity while motivating and rewarding academic success. Our current gym has a boxing ring, various types of punching bags, Weight Equipment and a study area with computers.
Our members receive qualified instruction in the art of boxing taught by certified coaches. They are assisted and monitored for the quality of their schoolwork; instructed in the social arts of winning and losing gracefully; and are otherwise instructed in the discipline of living according to the code of self-respect, respect for others and respect for the community.

We offer homework assistance. Youth come in an hour before their boxing workout to do homework with tutorial assistance provided by volunteers. Tutorial assistance is offered either by subject matter or related to homework assignments. These tutors also serve as mentors to the youth.

The Area Served
The program focuses attention on the city of Santa Rosa, where the majority of the present client base attends Elsie Allen High, Piner High, Cook Middle, Comstock Middle and an assortment of elementary schools in the area. While we do not restrict membership to these areas, the profile of our members is largely placed in this region.

Our Code of Conduct
While in this facility I agree not to use profanity, insulting or offensive language, and I agree to treat everyone with courtesy and respect.