Knockout of the Month!

March 2015
Nayely Rizo
By Katherine Torres

Who says you can’t be a beautiful young lady and also box? Well Nayely is a female here at Double Punches who’s been training for about 5 years. She joined because her older brother trained here and she wanted a better bond with him. “When she joined she was really shy and quiet. She has blossomed and become more sociable and outgoing” says her coach, Richard Lopez. But who knew she would end up loving the sport. What she enjoys about this club is the atmosphere, the coaches and the workouts. As well as how boxing has given her the outlet to release her stress. What keeps here motivated is that she wants to stay healthy and fit.

In 10 years she sees herself working in child services helping peoples through
tough situations. She hopes to be an inspiration to children for what she has gone through personally. Her coach, Richard says so many great things about this individual. He says “she is always ready to work. With her hand wraps on and weights ready in her hands”. She is very committed and comes every day. He adds that “even though she doesn’t compete she trains like she is ready to compete”.

She doesn’t plan stopping any time soon because she loves what she does and she knows many other people would too.

Previous Knockouts

January 2015

Daniel Reynoso2

Daniel Reynoso

By Katherine Torres

Daniel Reynoso has been one of the most focused and active fighters during the past year, which is the length time he has been training. In this short time he already has 6 amateur fights and there’s definitely more to come.

His coach Richard says ” Since he started he has shown discipline in his workouts and every time he is asked to compete he is ready to go. He puts 100% into training for a fight.”

Daniel says the reason he decided to join was for the fun of it because he had a lot of free time to kill, not really intending to compete. He enjoys everything overall but the sparring is what he looks forward to. Through the gym he has learned to have integrity, discipline and self control. Boxing motivates him to challenge himself to see how far he can go.

In 10 years he sees himself owning his own business like a restaurant. What he likes the most about boxing is sparring and what he likes the least is running. He has the most difficulty with stamina because he feels tires and arms start to feel heavy.

When Daniel had his first fight he was nervous because he didn’t know what to expect and didn’t know who his opponent was. But he went in there to do everything he had been training to do. Richard said “Daniel has showed readiness and is a technical boxer, not a slugger. He is a smooth worker and stays humble when he wins. And even when he looses it seems to gives him this drive to work even harder.”

His coach, Richard also says Daniel is a great example for others and if they were to follow his example, we would have better boxers.

Previous Knockouts

December 2014


Pedro Madriz 

by Kathrine Torres

Pedro Madriz, also known as “Lobo” inside the ring, has been training at Double Punches for about 5 years. When Madriz first came to the U.S he had to juggle school and work. Later he learned to manage his time efficiently and decided to join the gym.

What he enjoys most about the gym is the atmosphere, friendly people and how family oriented it is. “The gym is also tough on you when it needs to be” he says.

The club has taught him to have good integrity to succeed in all aspects of life. It has shown him to work well with others, listen and to not be afraid of anything because everything is possible with hard work. Lastly, it has taught him to be very disciplined.

What motivates him is when others look up to him and want to be like him or even better. He works hard to set a good example for other boxers who follow in his footsteps. Another thing that motivates him is the dream of going Pro and possibly one day becoming a world Champion Boxer.

In 10 years he sees himself opening his own boxing gym and helping other people. What he likes most about training is when he thinks he can’t go no more but keeps on going anyways. What he hates most about the gym is running but this quote motivates him to do it: “To be a boxer you have to do the things you hate the most, like you love them“.

His Coach, Richard Lopez says Pedro has great charisma and is well liked around the gym. He is very disciplined and trains hard. “He has competed with some of the top fighters in Northern CA” In October he Competed in the Harvest Rumble, an annual tournament hosted by Double Punches. He not only won his match but also received an award for “The best Bout” and “The Best Boxer”. “Going home with three trophies in one night is pretty impressive” says Lopez.

Lastly Richard says that Pedro has been such a big help at the gym leading the exercise and assisting with coaching and helping the young boxers.

Previous Knockouts


April 2014

Jordan Klusmeier

“Jordan has been a wonderful part of the tutoring and mentoring program here at Double Punches. He consistently shows up and always begins doing his homework without being asked. He is a respectful young man who brings a lot of joy to our program. The other students are always delighted to see him, as he has a great sense of humor. Jordan is also a critical thinker, always bringing up current events for us to discuss. Jordan is a pleasure to have and and definitely deserves to be recognized as Knockout of the month.”  – Rubie Magallanes, Double Punches TAM tutor


Jordan, 17, has been with us for a year: “I joined because I love boxing, and I wanted to get fit. I enjoy the boxing shows the most because it motivates me to one day be a great boxer. An activity I don’t like but do anyway is running: I know it will make me better, and it keeps me fit. Because of the club I have better self confidence. DBPC motivates me to be a better person each and every day. My parents also inspire me to be the best person I can be. Ten years from now, I see myself as a respectful and responsible person.”

Keep up the great work!

written by Andrea Cebreros

February 2014

Christopher Torres

Chris, age 12, joined Double Punches three months ago for the opportunity of making new friends while working out. He enjoys all the activities, particularly the abdominal exercises and hitting the speed bags!

“[DPBC] has taught me to have respect, manners and to stay fit. Jonathan Rubio has inspired me because he has a good attitude and is a great boxer. He makes practices more fun. [10 years from now] I see myself going to college and staying healthy.”

Written by Andrea Cebreros

January 2014


Babafemi (Femi) Omopariola

Femi, 16, has been with us for about 8 months. He joined with the hopes of becoming a good professional boxer one day. Coach Jovanni Rubio says Femi first caught his attention because:

“He is always smiling and has a positive attitude. What really stands out to me always is that Femi is self motivated and trains real hard, with integrity and intensity.”

Femi has gotten in better shape by becoming a great boxer:

“I like sparring the most, because I can apply what I’ve learned. Also hitting the bags and catching gloves.” 

When asked how he sees himself 10 years from now, Femi replies simply, “Living well.”

Written by Andrea Cebreros

December 2013


Mauricio Campa

Mauricio, 13, has been with us for three months, and in that short time he has demonstrated a great work ethic, discipline and enthusiasm. He is part of the TAM tutoring program, which he likes because he gets help with his homework. When asked about his experiences with us, Mauricio responded,

“One of the activities that is challenging to me is push ups, but in the future, it will help me stay in shape. [DPBC] is giving me self defense and discipline. The person who inspired me to go to boxing is my uncle, after he took me a few times to boxing in Mexico.”

Ten years from now, Mauricio sees himself becoming a computer engineer.

Keep up the awesome work!

Written by Andrea Cebreros

November 2013


Judith Garcia

Judith and her younger brother, Abel Garcia, have been at Double Punches for about 3 years. She wanted to join for the workout, and to meet new people. The coaches chose Judith as the Knockout of the month because

” She is a great athlete, and one of the hardest working members of the club. She is an example to others, always with a positive attitude and willing to help out when needed; helping others improve their techniques.” 

Judith also enjoys playing volleyball, and having a fun time with her friends. The one workout she dislikes are the weight exercises, but she knows she has to do it to be stronger. When asked where she sees herself in the near future, the fourteen year old says,

“I see myself in a good place, and still in boxing, graduating from high school. [Double Punches] has benefited me a lot because I could stay in shape and get good grades at school while learning a lot of boxing skills. The one person who inspires me is Richard, because he pushes me to do the right thing, and helps me a lot.”

Judith is currently getting ready for possibly debuting in her first fight in the future, so stay tuned!

Written by Andrea Cebreros

October 2013
Reynaldo Robledo
Reynaldo Robledo

Rey has been with Double Punches for one year. When asked why he joined, he says it’s because he wants to be a Professional boxer someday. He enjoys everything about boxing, and has no complaints about the exercises. Rey believes the club has benefited his discipline, gotten him out of trouble, and helps him get away from his problems. He says his family in particular has influenced and inspired him because they motivate him to be someone in life, and they also love the sport of boxing. Ten years from now, Rey hopes to be a Pro boxer. This month, Rey was nominated for Knockout of the month by some of his fellow classmates because of his focused and friendly attitude, both in the ring and off it.

Written by Andrea Cebreros
A Few from Previous Years:
Jonathan Rubio

Jonathan Rubio has been a member of Double Punches for about two years. He decided to join the program because he wanted to do something that would keep him active and would be fun at the same time. He enjoys coming in to hit the bags on a daily basis. He states that coming to the club keeps him active and off the streets. When asked who inspires him, he answered “my coach, Richard Lopez”. He admires the status Richard has achieved and wishes to be just like him some day. He aspires to be a boxer like Floyd Mayweather Jr. and someday be in a Welterweight Championship with his coaches Richard and Carl in his corner. He currently has a record of 13-2. He came in 2nd in the 2011 Northern California Silver Gloves and also 2nd in the 2012 Junior Olympics.

Written by Carolina Avila

I like boxing because its fun. we learn a lot of sick things like different kinds of combinations, hitting the bag, speed bag, catching gloves, jump rope, warm ups, running and sparring. I like meeting new people and learning how to fight. I joined Double Punches to keep myself busy. It also keeps me out of trouble, takes my mind off of things, relieves stress and keeps me off the streets. So I recommend people to join if they are trying to do better and not to get in trouble.

Written by Danny Brambila

Hi, my name is Juan Carlos Gutierrez. I’ve been with Double Punches for five years. I had a great experience with it. When I first started, I was a thirteen year old kid, who did not know what Double Punches had coming for me. As the days went by I noticed the big impact it has had on me. It has helped me mentally and spiritually, by making me feel good about myself.

What I like about Double Punches is that it helps you stay out of trouble and keeps you in physical shape. It motivates you day by day to make good choices by staying in school, graduating and being a good citizen.

I would like to say thanks to Double Punches Boxing Club, for being my friend and a part of my life. Thank you to Richard, our coach. Thanks to the tutors Mari Carmen and Julio for pushing me to graduate on time. I recommend this to every young person out there who needs a boost.
Written by Juan Carlos Gutierrez