Steve Salkovics
2014 Double Punches Volunteer of the year


Our DP volunteer of the year has been with DP for over 10 years. He helped create our first web site. He is a teacher at Elsie Allen High School where he often meets kids that can benefit from the program and refers them to us. He is a volunteer Fire Fighter who still finds time to come in once a week to help coach the students and helps out with outreach events.He enjoys working with the kids and is skilled in pushing them to go beyond their limits and still smile, laugh and have fun.
“DP is an amazing environment and Richard and Maria are awesome to work with. For a boxing gym it’s a very humble and non-egotistical environment. The kids are all really fun to work with and they might vary in how disciplined they are but they all, when they stay with DP, they gain character and skills that will help them outside the gym.” – Steve


Brian Russell

2013 Double Punches Volunteer of the year


We met Brian about 12 years ago when his son Mike, 9 years old at the time, joined our club.

He knows how to motivate the kids to work hard and be ready when they compete. He has helped kids prepare for the Junior Olympics, Silver Gloves and Golden Gloves competitions, and represented Double Punches at the 2008 Junior Olympics Nationals, where his son Mike came in at #2.

Brian is not afraid of a challenge, and he’s also not afraid of heights; currently he works as a painter for the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Can you imagine having to climb that bridge day to day, rain or shine? Well, not only is that what Brian does every day, but even after a hard day of work he makes time to come into Santa Rosa 2-3 days per week to coach the kids. And he has been doing this for over 12 years!

Brian, thank you so much for your dedication and service to the Club, and to Sonoma County’s youth.



Matthew Manuel

2012 Double Punches volunteer of the year


Matthew has been a friend of Double Punches for over 10 years. He served as a volunteer coach for about 2 years before moving to Clear Lake, CA. Since then he has come back 3 times to teach and lead our youth in the Rose Parade—one of those times in a cast up to his knee.

He is known for teaching our staff and students the 4 D’s needed for success: DesireDedicationDiscipline, and Determination, all of which he not only teaches but models himself.

Thank you Matthew, we appreciate your dedication and service.


Carl Leachman
2011 Double Punches Volunteer of the year


Carl Began boxing when he was very young. His father was a pro boxer and taught him how to box for self defense. Carl trained at Columbia Gym in Louisville Kentucky, where he met and trained with Cassias Clay, known today as Muhammad Ali.
Carl Joined the Navy when he was 17 years old, during the Korean War. He remained in the service through the Vietnam War.  He was injured and doctors told him he would be paralyzed and never walk again…but God had other plans. He healed him and the Navy found a place for him teaching boxing to the Mid Shipmen…who went on to win the US Championship.
Carl joined Double Punches as a volunteer coach in 2008, and we are so blessed to have him. He comes in 4 days a week. His experience, dedication and friendship is deeply appreciated.


Ralph Harms
2010 Double Punches Volunteer of the year

Ralph Harms

Ralph first came to Double Punches in 1995 when the Club was still in Richard Lopez’s garage. He faithfully came in 2-3 days per week for the next 14 years. He served as boxing and fitness coach as well as weight instructor and mentor. He retired in December of 2010 but will forever remain our friend.  Thank you for going above and beyond the role of coach and being a positive influence and role model.

Regarding his experience with Double Punches, Ralph wrote the following poems.

Fourteen years

Fourteen years at DOUBLE PUNCHES
I spoke at lots of breakfasts and many lunches.
Many local companies have really helped us
Their donations have been a real plus.

The youth of Sonoma County is who we work for
Kids from all kinds of backgrounds have come to our door.
We have had much success along the way
Seeing these results have made our day.

It hasn’t always been easy in this long ride
But the results “speak for themselves” we say with pride.
Jose has the web site up and running
With hit and comments….they never stop coming .

Enrique, a pro boxer and coach, is a star
He’s worked with these young boxers; showing them what to do.
Weights are an important part of training
Steve, Ro and I keep it fun and entertaining.

Boxing can take years to learn
Lots of sweating and calories to burn.
Watching Mike Russell grow from boy to man
Boxing and football go together they really can!

Helping Jason train has been fun
He lifts weights and likes to run.
Jim Gerien and Frank Briceno have been board members
for many a year. they helped us keep going…..making everything clear.

Lions and Rotary Clubs have been good to us.
With bleachers and donations all that’s been a plus.
We’ve been blessed with funds from Measure “O”
These dollars helped us to grow.

With few young boxers we started in a garage at Richards home
It soon became too small… you could hear us moan.
We moved to South Dutton and that was good
But still too small so we left that neighborhood.

The Salvation Army provided a place
Lots more room, lots more space.
DOUBLE PUNCHES BOXING CLUB has been worthwhile
We helped many youths, I can say with a smile.

Richard and Maria have kept the club going for over 20 years
Good times, laughs but sometimes tears.
It’s hard to say without emotion
God Bless them both for their devotion.