Apr 09

Spotlight! Jonathan Rubio

Two of our boxers, Jonathan Rubio and Pedro Madriz (aka “Lobo”), fought at the Battle of the Kennel 7 in San Leandro last Saturday, April 5th. Unfortunately, Lobo didn’t get the decision this time around–but young Jonathan was able to bring home the victory against Javier Gradilla, a tough fighter and Silver Gloves champ from Modesto PAL. It was a good match, and Jonathan had this to say of his experience:

“I had good training, but I was still a little nervous. We were bout #10, right after intermission. I was in the blue corner and warmed up by shadow boxing. In the first round I came in throwing jabs, later catching him with a big left so I felt like I had won that round. Round 2 [Gradilla] came in harder, so I had to throw punch after punch, it was a close round. Round 3 I was able to get him with another hard left. With this win I’m at 17-7, and I’m getting ready for the upcoming Junior Olympics right now, they’re this April 26-27.”

Javier Gradilla (L) and Jonathan Rubio (R) in San Leandro last weekend

Javier Gradilla (L) and Jonathan Rubio (R) in San Leandro last weekend

Apr 09

Jordan Klusmeier, April 2014 Knockout!

“Jordan has been a wonderful part of the tutoring and mentoring program here at Double Punches. He consistently shows up and always begins doing his homework without being asked. He is a respectful young man who brings a lot of joy to our program. The other students are always delighted to see him, as he has a great sense of humor. Jordan is also a critical thinker, always bringing up current events for us to discuss. Jordan is a pleasure to have and and definitely deserves to be recognized as Knockout of the month.”  – Rubie Magallanes, Double Punches TAM tutor


Jordan, 17, has been with us for a year: “I joined because I love boxing, and I wanted to get fit. I enjoy the boxing shows the most because it motivates me to one day be a great boxer. An activity I don’t like but do anyway is running: I know it will make me better, and it keeps me fit. Because of the club I have better self confidence. DBPC motivates me to be a better person each and every day. My parents also inspire me to be the best person I can be. Ten years from now, I see myself as a respectful and responsible person.”

Keep up the great work!

written by Andrea Cebreros

Apr 09

2013 Double Punches Volunteer of the Year!

At the Santa Rosa Salvation Army’s 2013 annual Volunteer Appreciation Lunch last week, Double Punches honored volunteer coach Brian Russell. 


We met Brian about 12 years ago when his son Mike, 9 years old at the time, joined our club.

He knows how to motivate the kids to work hard and be ready when they compete. He has helped kids prepare for the Junior Olympics, Silver Gloves and Golden Gloves competitions, and represented Double Punches at the 2008 Junior Olympics Nationals, where his son Mike came in at #2.

Brian is not afraid of a challenge, and he’s also not afraid of heights; currently he works as a painter for the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Can you imagine having to climb that bridge day to day, rain or shine? Well, not only is that what Brian does every day, but even after a hard day of work he makes time to come into Santa Rosa 2-3 days per week to coach the kids. And he has been doing this for over 12 years!

Brian, thank you so much for your dedication and service to the Club, and to Sonoma County’s youth!

Nov 25

Spotlight! Abel Garcia



Abel with coach Jovanni

Abel Garcia had his debut match at the Silver Gloves Competition in American Canyon, held November 2nd. His opponent, Christian Montero, on his fourth bout, gave him a run for his money. Abel’s coach, Jovanni, said, “He [Abel] went the distance! It was a very close match, he almost won, but he lost to the champ, who went on advancing to the Nationals. We look forward to a rematch.” Abel came in 2nd in his weight class, and we are very proud of him for having done so well in his debut!


Oct 21

Spotlight! Andre Salonga

This past weekend at the USF Hilltop Cup in San Francisco, Andre Salonga of Double Punches won his fight against Jesus Velasco (Unattached). According to Jovanni Rubio, Double Punches coach, ” It was a good fight. They [Velasco and Salonga] decked it out! Jesus started out very strong in the first round, but Andre was fast and dominated the last two rounds, and won!”

Andre with his two belts, the left one being the one he won this weekend

Andre holding his victory belts; the left is the one he won this weekend

Andre has been with us since 2009. This is his second belt (win) in four fights. He is one of our boxers who comes in diligently every day, training hard. Andre says, “I am thankful for the coaches at the gym for getting me where I am now.” Here’s to many more victories for this promising young boxer!


Written by Andrea Cebreros

Sep 03

Spotlight! – Doris “La Leona” Picazo

Doris1_Aug2013This past Saturday, August 31st marked a great day of boxing as the 3rd annual “Beautiful Brawlers” all female amateur boxing show took place in Redwood City at the Sports House Indoor Sports and Grill. From the first bell to the last, it was an electric day of boxing full of excitement as these talented females put it all on the line for a chance to win the “Beautiful Brawlers” title. It was a great opportunity for the girls to showcase their talent to everyone, especially to some of the world champions that were in attendance like Ava “The Lady of Boxing” Knight and Melissa “Mighty” McMorrow.

Our own Doris Martinez Picazo competed against Arpita Sinha from San Jose PAL. Both girls were debuting, and it turned out to be a great bout, testing both their endurance and their grit. Doris kept landing body shots and great over-hand rights which woke up the crowd just as much as Arpita’s speed and combination punches. After three good competitive rounds, the bout came to an end as both girls left it all in the ring—and in the hands of the judges. They did a tremendous job and both deserved to win, but there could only be one champion. After tense moments for both corners awaiting the official decision, a winner was finally announced. This time around, Arpita did enough to convince the judges to rule the decision in her favor.


Although Doris was unable to get the decision, she still came out victorious since it was a great learning experience for her. “I’m blessed to have an opportunity to put my name out there and show them what I’m all about” says Doris on a Facebook picture, where she poses for the cameras in the ring along with her opponent. Doris and Arpita are most likely to have a re-match at our 5th annual Harvest Rumble boxing show, taking place on October 12, 2013. Stay tuned for this entertaining match-up and exciting card, put together by The Salvation Army’s Double Punches Boxing Club.

Written by Pedro “El Lobo” Madriz