A story with a lesson for every sport…


     The baseball rose rapidly; a hit off of legendary Babe Ruth’s bat. All eyes in the huge stadium were fixed intently on the ball’s trajectory: Would it be the record breaker? Then the ball cleared the fence for home run number 60—an all time record! The crowd reacted dramatically, rising in terrific excitement; 60,000 people, screaming and shouting. Babe Ruth had done it! That 1927 game marked one of the most memorable moments in sports history: a Home Run record which lasted for decades. Ruth was ennobled by adoring fans and reporters as having had “The best season any player ever had.”

However, 1927 was a year for Ruth in which he actually struck out at the plate 89 times. That’s right—far more often, Babe struck out instead of landing those home runs. Ruth experienced a mid season slump, where he had a devil of a time connecting with the ball—certainly nothing close to a home run slug. At one point during this slump, Ruth was frustrated enough to angrily kick, and dent, his team’s water cooler.

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Apr 09

Spotlight! Jonathan Rubio

Two of our boxers, Jonathan Rubio and Pedro Madriz (aka “Lobo”), fought at the Battle of the Kennel 7 in San Leandro last Saturday, April 5th. Unfortunately, Lobo didn’t get the decision this time around–but young Jonathan was able to bring home the victory against Javier Gradilla, a tough fighter and Silver Gloves champ from Modesto PAL. It was a good match, and Jonathan had this to say of his experience:

“I had good training, but I was still a little nervous. We were bout #10, right after intermission. I was in the blue corner and warmed up by shadow boxing. In the first round I came in throwing jabs, later catching him with a big left so I felt like I had won that round. Round 2 [Gradilla] came in harder, so I had to throw punch after punch, it was a close round. Round 3 I was able to get him with another hard left. With this win I’m at 17-7, and I’m getting ready for the upcoming Junior Olympics right now, they’re this April 26-27.”

Javier Gradilla (L) and Jonathan Rubio (R) in San Leandro last weekend

Javier Gradilla (L) and Jonathan Rubio (R) in San Leandro last weekend

Mar 03

Knockout! February

February 2014’s Knockout of the Month is Christopher Torres, age 12, who joined Double Punches three months ago for the opportunity of making new friends while working out. He enjoys all the activities, particularly the abdominal exercises and hitting the speed bags!

“[DPBC] has taught me to have respect, manners and to stay fit. Jonathan Rubio has inspired me because he has a good attitude and is a great boxer. He makes practices more fun. [10 years from now] I see myself going to college and staying healthy.”



Written by Andrea Cebreros

Feb 11

Mark your calendars!

Double Punches is pleased to announce that we will host the

2014 Northern California Regional Junior Olympics on May 17th!

Who will advance to the Nationals?

Stay tuned for more information as the event gets closer!


*If you are interested in helping sponsor this event, contact Maria Lopez at our gym (707) 586-2448. Your contributions and support go a long way, and are greatly appreciated.*

Feb 06

Knockout of the Month! January


This January our coaches have selected Babafemi (Femi) Omopariola as our Knockout of the month. Femi, 16, has been with us for about 8 months. He joined with the hopes of becoming a good professional boxer one day. Coach Jovanni Rubio says Femi first caught his attention because

“He is always smiling and has a positive attitude. What really stands out to me always is that Femi is self motivated and trains real hard, with integrity and intensity.”

Femi has gotten in better shape by becoming a great boxer:

“I like sparring the most, because I can apply what I’ve learned. Also hitting the bags and catching gloves.” 

When asked how he sees himself 10 years from now, Femi replies simply, “Living well.”



Written by: Andrea Cebreros

Dec 31

December Knockout!

This month our coaches chose Mauricio Campa, 13, as our December Knockout!


Mauricio has been with us for three months, and in that short time he has demonstrated a great work ethic, discipline and enthusiasm. He is part of the TAM tutoring program, which he likes because he gets help with his homework. When asked about his experiences with us, Mauricio responded,

“One of the activities that is challenging to me is push ups, but in the future, it will help me stay in shape. [DPBC] is giving me self defense and discipline. The person who inspired me to go to boxing is my uncle, after he took me a few times to boxing in Mexico.”

Ten years from now, Mauricio sees himself becoming a computer engineer.

Keep up the awesome work!


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Written by Andrea Cebreros

Nov 27

Meet Judith Garcia, November Knockout!


Judith and her younger brother, Abel Garcia, have been at Double Punches for about 3 years. She wanted to join for the workout, and to meet new people. The coaches chose Judith as the Knockout of the month because

” She is a great athlete, and one of the hardest working members of the club. She is an example to others, always with a positive attitude and willing to help out when needed; helping others improve their techniques.” 

Judith also enjoys playing volleyball, and having a fun time with her friends. The one workout she dislikes are the weight exercises, but she knows she has to do it to be stronger. When asked where she sees herself in the near future, the fourteen year old says,

“I see myself in a good place, and still in boxing, graduating from high school. [Double Punches] has benefited me a lot because I could stay in shape and get good grades at school while learning a lot of boxing skills. The one person who inspires me is Richard, because he pushes me to do the right thing, and helps me a lot.”

Judith is currently getting ready for possibly debuting in her first fight in the future, so stay tuned!


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Written by Andrea Cebreros

Nov 25

Spotlight! Abel Garcia



Abel with coach Jovanni

Abel Garcia had his debut match at the Silver Gloves Competition in American Canyon, held November 2nd. His opponent, Christian Montero, on his fourth bout, gave him a run for his money. Abel’s coach, Jovanni, said, “He [Abel] went the distance! It was a very close match, he almost won, but he lost to the champ, who went on advancing to the Nationals. We look forward to a rematch.” Abel came in 2nd in his weight class, and we are very proud of him for having done so well in his debut!


Harvest Rumble 2013


Ted Luzzi, our friend and contributor, wrote an article for us about last month’s Harvest Rumble:


Double Punches’ 5th Annual Harvest Rumble Amateur Boxing Competitions fight night in Santa Rosa this past Saturday, October 12th featured some great action fights—the kind that rain punches from all points of the compass, exciting the crowd. Often, the well-matched bouts were toe-to-toe, punch for punch. A big turnout had been anticipated due to the successful pre-event ticket sales alone; nonetheless, it was still gratifying to see every seat filled so quickly. At one point people lined the walls, standing where they could to see the fights. The complete card consisted of 13 matchups; the show ran over three hours. Over 200 people were in attendance. The audience cheered all afternoon, supporting their favorite boxers, certainly getting their money’s worth.


At 2:30 pm the ring announcer, Rafael Rivero—Community Outreach Specialist for the City of Santa Rosa—trotted to ring center and made the opening statements. He was followed by Major C. Joseph Murray, the commanding officer of The Salvation Army Santa Rosa Corps, to lead the Opening Prayer, adding dignity to the occasion. Richard Lopez, the Double Punches Boxing Club Program Director, welcomed everyone, while the President of the Northern California U.S.A. Boxing LBC #38, Robert Rodriguez, led the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag.


The anticipation was building. My friend Scott looked at me and said his palms were sweating. I had initially told myself I wouldn’t let the excitement and emotions of the moment push me around; I would cheer only temperately and with restraint. What nonsense! My palms were sweaty too.

Here are some highlights from the riveting matches:


Martha Arroyo (13, Napa SAL) versus Ariana Garcia (14, Warriors 4 JC)


Voted Best Fight of the Night by the audience

Both these fighters seemed charged with predatory intensity as they attacked each other at the opening bell. Both girls were fearless, with a total disregard for danger, it seemed. They fought with fire; toe-to-toe, punch for punch. Garcia appeared to possess the faster hands initially, pulling ahead.  She kept up a daring attack, landing more punches than Martha, seemingly winning the fight—but Miss Arroyo changed tactics, and began timing Ariana’s rushes perfectly; countering with fierce, accurate rights that shot straight through Garcia’s guard whenever she charged in.

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